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El34 6l6 interchangeable

el34 6l6 interchangeable The 6CA7 is a beam tetrode/"beam power tube", same as the 6L6GC and 6550 and other American tubes. Although power pentodes and beam tetrodes have some differences in their principles of operation (the beam forming plates of the beam tetrode or fifth electrode (3rd grid) of the pentode, both Generally, no; 6L6's and EL34's are not equivalent tubes. Maybe the designer allowed enough range of adjustment. Tube Recommendations. nginx Store Hours Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm Central Time : SND Tube Sales . Based on, same size and interchangeable with the output transformer used in the Fender Bandmaster and Vibrolux amplifiers. • Spec: 100 watt single channel Valve head, Valves 4 x JJ Tesla EL34's output stage, 4 x JJ Tesla 12AX7 pre-amp, bias switch to set the output stage for EL34's 6L6's 5881's etc. There was a pretty good story about it somewhere in the net. That means that is has ‘just’ four elements. If your amplifier calls for this tube, you probably CANNOT use some of the earlier 6L6 tubes as they are not rated this high. Mesa Boogie Royal Atlanic Guitar Amp Head. parts on hand but also acquired the Express specific components for quite a while. Plus, they are directly interchangeable in all EL34 circuits (with proper rebiasing, as always). 2) Tube Sockets: Take a look at your 101D tube socket – if it is the same as the original Western Electric 101D socket (for 4 smaller shorter pins), you need to order the WE101D Replica. nginx The Golden Dragon 350B is a vintage pentode similar to and interchangeable with 6L6 types. It currently has el34's. 301 Moved Permanently. The Leben site specifies 6L6 and EL34 valves as being suitable for the CS600. I think Zakk Wylde uses 5881s in his Marshalls, and I could see whypunch and volume (the 5881s were louder than the other tubes). Although power pentodes and beam tetrodes are based on different principles of operation and have different internal constructions they are functionally closely equivalent. I've been reading many of these forum posts on tube swappage and have yet to find an answer to what may turn out to be the simplest of questions: Can I swap out the EL84's for some other kind of power tube, i. The 6CA7 is the US designation for the EL34 and is complete interchangeable. Who should use "Matched Sections" pre-amp tubes? The EL34 is a power pentode type. The Cornford Carrera comes with 1xEL84 and 1x6V6 as standard. You want one preamp tube to be "balanced triodes". Plus, I also like the 7591, the KT66, the 6v6, the 6L6, and even the 6550, so it's complicated. A 6ca7 is supposedly more like a 6L6 that bias like a EL34. No, they're definitely not interchangeable. Q: I have a guitar amp that uses 6L6 power tubes, and I would like to try KT-66 and 5881 power tubes to hear what difference it makes in tone and volume. (I'm not a tech but I recall discussing this with Jon Wilder at one point). This tube is characterized by more tubes are immediately interchangeable. triplex40efx. The EL34 is a pentode, while the 6L6, which delivers a similar range of power output, is a beam tetrode which RCA referred to as a beam power tube. Long life and very stable working. . Guitar amplifiers, especially combo amps, are torture chambers to vacuum tube microphonics. Like the metal 6L6, these tubes are rated for lower wattage than the 6L6GC. The classic Marshall tube, the EL34 was the big boy of British amplification from the late nineteen-sixties onward. You can again buy these from valve suppliers, with only the Svetlana name on the valve. 'Alesis Yamaha +Mixer' will produce all mixers from Alesis and all mixers from Yamaha. 6CJ6 6DY5. It is a reliable, low cost replacement, and it's probably what you have in there now. Brought home a 1937 RCA 816k and I noticed that someone replaced the two 6l6 tubes with 6ca7 (el34) british tubes. FAQs. As a guide, the 6L6 gives a little more clean headroom, bass response & sparkle (don't forget, the 6L6 is what the baron comes with as standard). I used a lot of misc. Yes, EL34's have been built in both true pentode and beam power tetrode types. The 6L6 doesn;t use that either, so pin 1 in a Fender is often where the other end of the grid stopper resistor sits. The KT-66 is a 6L6 and is NOT interchangable with thge EL34 or the KT-88. I bought a JCM 800 2205 that has KT88 power tubes. We told players that they could use either EL-34's or 6L6's in the outer (Class A) power sockets. It's a different type of tube but both are interchangeable in this amp. MARSHALL use EL34 valves manufactured by Svetlana and market them under the Marshall brand name. Care for Your Handcrafted Wooden Trainwreck Cabinet To maintain the beauty of your Trainwreck cabinet, occasionally polish with a soft cloth and any high quality commercial furniture polish. We ship the amp with a single KT77 and a single 12AX7 and leave the rest up to you! As a point of note. I still had a long way to go before the 6L6’s were at 70% (42ma), but the EL34’s were already too high, so I went back to 35ma on the EL34’s and gave up for the time being. Depending on the amp, it may be that it is moddable to make the change, but you can't just switch the tubes without doing some other work on the amp. I think the 6ca7 is the best thing going in new tubes outside of the TAD 6l6. GENERAL Amongst the reasons the EL36 is not commonly seen in audio applications is the prevalence of extremely good and cheep 6V6’s, 6L6’s and EL34’s, all of which are still in production. Although power pentodes and beam tetrodes have some differences in their principles of operation (the beam forming plates of the beam tetrode or fifth electrode (3rd grid) of the pentode, both (El34's & 6550's require an OT with the same Primary impedance so it was easier for Marshall to use 6550's in amps destined for the US) Perhaps one of the techs could chime in and elaborate on this. Cayin A-50T tube swap. EL34's draw more heater current and could kill your PT. Just to clarify, although EL34s and 6CA7s are listed in tube manuals as interchangeable (they do share the same pinout and many specs), the American-made 6CA7 was a very different tube from the European EL34 and was very much a "6L6 on steroids" in character. is it ok to chan But what I have tried so far is comparing the 6L6 circuit against the EL34 circuit by swapping between a set of Sovtek 5881B Fender white labels against a set of EH EL34's. The KT77, being the hybrid design that it is, seems to combine the advantages of both tubes. com This is a pretty ballsy 25 watt per channel amplifier that features 2 pair of inputs with an input selector switch and a volume control. Like a lot of post-war amplifier companies, Magna used war surplus tubes, and would buy large lots of tubes. EL34's wiki: The EL34 is a thermionic valve or vacuum tube of the power pentode type. This is an amp that is far more than a practice amp. Also youll see that the filaments draw less on the kt66 by . And to be honest, I can not tell much of a difference as of yet between these two different sets of tubes. Easy to do, even in a PCB amp in most cases. The single power tube is also interchangeable, with NO bias adjustment- 6L6, EL34, KT66, KT77, KT88, 6550 and 5881 all work wonderfully in this amplifier. The EL34 is a vacuum tube of the power pentode type. . The amps are 90´s carvin x amps. It can be used in most EL34 amplifiers. Our "Matched Sections" service is superior to this and insures that all pre-amp tubes (of a type) that you have ordered will be perfectly interchangeable with each other. The one potential problem, however, is that the Garnet doesn't have an adjustable bias. They're all interchangeable within limits. This type is one of the best of 6V6's family. 2017. Would there have been some re-wiring of the tube socket to use these? I read on one of the tube sites that they are interchangeable. EHX 6CA7 (Big bottle EL34) Another great tube from Electro Harmonix, the 6CA7 is a bigger varient of the EL34 and is directly interchangeable. This is also the case of EL34 compared to something like the 6L6. Very very unattractive and sterile sounding. 00 for a matched pair, yes i got carried away alright, but i wanted to see whats the fuss is about. The el34 is an octal (8 pin) pentode power tube which can take higher plate and screen voltages. The EL34 is a pentode, while the 6L6, but which may be interchangeable in some equipment. You should not use any of the lower rated tubes in an amp designed to use the 6L6GC tubes. Although the RCA 6L6 of 1936 (the result of a license agreement between RCA and M-OV) was the first true "beam power tube" on the market, the later KT66 became almost equally famous, at least in Europe. Fender Guitars: Official Enthusiast Forums The el34 is an octal (8 pin) pentode power tube which can take higher plate and screen voltages. These tubes have a four digit number as the designation. Guitar Tube Amp Kits; 1965 Era AB763 Reverb Guitar Tube Amplifier Kit; Retainer for EL34 / 6CA7 / 6L6. The two tubes were nearly interchangeable, except that the KT66 was somewhat more rugged than the early metal 6L6. 6M5. Retainer for KT88 / 6550. Both the 6L6 and the 5881 sounded great, but when we got to the EL34 I heard ITit just sounded better. An EL34 has just as much low end as a 6L6, 6550, or KT88. Finished a Trainwreck Express build. Early Magnatones used basic radio amplifier circuits and common radio tubes, like the 6V6 and 6SJ7. Also, you'll enjoy the dual contours and the ability to use with 6L6's or EL34's. Today, the 6L6GC is one of the most common power tubes used for electric guitar amplification and there is an almost overwhelming supply of current accept either 6L6's or STR 416 type 6CA7/EL34. The EL34 has the supressor grid connected to pin 1 and not tied to the cathode pin 8 as with the 6L6. S. The MP-301 Mk2 is all pentode – two power pentodes (6L6, EL34, or KT-66) and two sharp-cutoff pentodes for the driver tubes (6SJ7, 6SK7, or 6SD7). The E34L is a special low grid voltage version and is not always interchangeable. This is the tube that's closest to the power tubes (it's called a phase inverter). $1. SK-RET2. Been through jj 6l6 and el34's but end up hating the highs on those guys, if its just them wearing out then they don't last long at all. I mispoke in my first post ( actually it was a wine induced keystroke yip) I meant EL 34 not EL 84. Every amp and each type of power tube has different limits so there are no general rules that apply universally. 6V6's can't handle as high of voltage as 6L6's, so depending on how high the plate voltage in your amp is, it could fry the tubes in under a minute. VHT Special 6 power tubes 5881 vs EL34. Post by Neiloler » Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:43 am I think they're considered "different but interchangeable" but I believe they're nearly exactly the same tube, only that perhaps one is rated to handle higher plate voltage, etc. Boogie has gone back and forth regarding using the simulclass feature I seem to recall they were advising against it later on. I have a quick question re the V40 Duchess - which tubes will break up first, EL34 or 6L6? I would like to know which tubes I can get the most headroom out of. Also, try mixing a 6L6 and EL34 and bias the 6L6 hotter (experiment!). This allows for a tighter, creamy overdrive distortion at a lower overall volume level. KT88's are higher power and could kill your OT. With proper bias adjustment, KT66, KT88, 5881, 6L6, and 6550's can also be used. The 6L6 has a very ethereal upper frequency detail, crystalline with a lot of air and detail, but it also didn't have the mid range beauty of the EL34. An EL34 has higher gain potential (mu) than a 6L6, 6550, or KT88, so an EL34 can be more harmonically rich than a 6550 or 6L6 at a given drive level. I want the lush warm sound that you get from EL34/E34L power tubes. The Siemens/RFT valve is a classic valve than is non longer in production. 6v6 and 6l6 have the same pinout however, the 6l6 plate voltage max is considerably higher. I see this has been discussed before - but I couldn't really find a definitive answer. The plate voltages really don't have much to do it with it. For the same idle plate current value, the E34L is typically biased with a more negative grid voltage than the EL34. Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue with Fargen OLDE 800 Mk2 and 1970 Marshall 2x12 Cab Model 1972 with Pre Rola Celestion Greenbacks G12M25 55Hz, T1511. The other two sets of tubes seemed to have a bit more headroom, and were very punchy. “The wonderfully cheap (and good!) EL34's wiki: The EL34 is a thermionic valve or vacuum tube of the power pentode type. The tubestore has a bunch to say about the tonal characteristics of the KT77 in comparison to the EL34's. This page lists all of the 6L6 type tubes I currently have in stock, including all industrial and European versions. I think I need to replace the power tubes on my single rectifier Mesa. You can use a 6L6GC in place of any of these. This is an all tube 100 watt head. There are a few minor things to take into account but as a fairly generic statement most 50 and 100W amps use plate voltages and OT primaries that are suitable for both EL34 and 6L6 use (470VDC, 2-2k2 primary, although old marshalls use lower primaries). I like 6l6 and the kt66 better than the el34 for bass and its more linear. I've heard great things about KT77 tubes being a more 6L6-like replacement. g. Came across a massive (seriously over a million tubes) stock pile of tubes. The output stage is a self-inverting push pull (SIPP) design after the Compact Hi-Fi Power Amplifier by Melvin Leibowitz. Philips had patented a power pentode design, so RCA designed the 6L6 as a beam tetrode instead. Twins, Deluxe Reverb (6V6 & 6L6), Tweed Deluxe, et al, have that similar tone going. It takes a little more to dr . Due to the numbering schemes in use there are three variant classifications of VTxyz valves; the USA types, the UK military types (VT = Valve, Transmitting), and the UK GPO types. These are always glass and ST shaped tubes and are the earliest glass 6L6s. As an example, NOS Philips 6L6 WGBs will break up faster than an EL34, and can sound very similar, whereas most 6L6s have more bass, and more clean headroom, than most EL34s. Guitar Amp Heads. 5751 preamp tube - less gain than 12AX7 but interchangeable! New Old Stock EL34 tubes are of lighter construction than a 6CA7 and the vacuum is much softer. Remove the power tubes and Insert the power output tubes into the bias probe sockets. I go for overkill with my transformers so the extra current draw is no issue, BUT on a stock amp, transformers are spec'ed for the specific design, no more, no less. The KT77 is an interesting tube and is a drop-in substitute for the EL34. I think that it became a musical rich amplifier with very little distortion feeling. Mesa and others, make amps that will run a 6L6 or EL34. The TR in the name refers to the rectifier that is tube based in this model. I read somewhere on this board about someone switching their tubes to 6L6's in a similar amp. My choice for 6l6's these days: New production are the Tung Sol 6l6 STR,and TAD 6l6 WGC. The new JJ EL34 II and the standard JJ EL34 appear to be similar and whilst they are 100% interchangeable the viewing of the EL34 II reveals a different, narrower plate structure. Thus one model amplifier with interchangeable The mighty KT88 is a lesser known tube to some that falls somewhere in between an EL34 and a 6550. If EL34 or KT88 is used for this amplifier, it will sound like KT88 in EL34. If your amp is designed for 6v6's you can put 6l6, el34, kt66, kt88, and a number of other tubes. All of these will "work" in the sockets intended for any of the other ones on this list. 6L6: Sets bias for operation with 6L6 power tubes. This version has a 30 watt plate dissipation, 500V plate rating and 450V 5watt screen rating. Revisions to the original metal 6L6 such as increased power handling and glass envelopes yielded new designations such as 6L6G, 6L6GA, 6L6GB and finally 6L6GC (introduced by GE in the late 1950s). With interchangeable power tube capability (6V6 (included), 6L6, KT66 and EL34), built in VRM (DC power level control) and all the control you'd need, it's a steal at $400 USD. But if you take a look at datasheets of tubes like EL34 vs. Calculate Plate Dissipation In Cathode Biased Output Stage Based On Voltage And Resistance Readings In these calculations, 5% of the cathode current is assumed to be screen current. GE 7027 and 6L6-GC look exactly the same. Although power pentodes and beam tetrodes have some differences in their principles of operation (the beam forming plates of the beam tetrode or fifth electrode (3rd grid) of the pentode, both They are essentially interchangeable but provide different amplification factors. Probably the best 6L6 types is the Mullard EL37 but along wiht the Western Electric 350B is exorbitantly expensive I would not stick EL34 in where 6550 or KT88 is specified. The basic design has been around for a long time (50 years or so). Are they interchangeable? EL34 is closer to a 6550 than a 6L6. The cool thing about it is that it is easily interchangeable with most 6550 amplifiers and can be interchanged in most EL34 based amplifiers with quick, easy mods. This is why you see some NOS tubes marked as EL34/6CA7. The JJ 6550 can be used in quite a few 6L6 amps that don't have room for KT66's or KT88's but this is a case by case scenario because the heater draw is 1. Can I do this? A: We do not recommend that you try this sort of thing unless you are positive you know what you are doing. Bonne Terre, MO 63628 sndtubes@vacuumtubes. You can play around with the push-pull symmetry in the TK MII by biasing one tube (or pair) cold and the other hot. Mine came with TAD EL34 tubes which are made in the same factory, but I have had many people them me that the Ruby's have been more reliable despite being made in the same factory. The original 6CA7 was made by Sylvania or GE, these were the American equivalent to the EL34, which was a British tube. pdf - Download as PDF File (. An EL34 is more punchy in the mid range & is typical in classic British rock amps. At this stage it's best not to assume types are interchangeable, although amps like the Carvin Legacy, Cornford MK 50H II, and most modern Mesa/Boogies will accept 6L6 or EL34 via a rear panel switch. are kt66 and 6L6 tubes interchangable? i was looking at some data sheets, and the pin layout seemed identical, though I may be wrong. In the right amp the El34 and 6ca7 big botts sound great. As far as pin outs are concerned the 12 series tubes are all interchangeable. I'd probably just run 4 6L6 tubes in it all the time, since Mark series boogies are hotrodded fenders, and it's more in line with the classic boogie tones you'd expect from a mark III. The EL34 is still in production by JJ Electronic , Svetlana and Sovtek , amongst others. El34 & 6V6 & 6L6 - are they always interchangeable? Yes And NO !!! The 6L6 and the EL34 are in the same family as far as being able to handle the plate voltage Also, pins 1 and 8 on the power tube socket(s) must be connected on an amp that originally came with 6l6's for the el34, 6550, and kt88 to operate properly. Sure, some EL34's can operate at much higher plate voltages than 6L6GC's can operate at, but a lot of circuits these days have plate voltages between 400 and 500. DISCONTINUED FEATURE ON LATER MODELS. ” I have a Carvin Bel Air/ Its a 2-12 50 watt tube combo with 4 EL84's and 5 12AX7's. EL34-TESLA ORIGINAL Tesla This is the original Tesla EL34 that was made famous when Marshall switched from using the Mullard EL34 to the Tesla in In stock £70. EL34's, 6L6's 6V6's, or am I restricted to just auditioning EL84's from various manufacturers to shape my tone? The EL34 was generally built as a true pentode, while the 6L6 was built as a beam tetrode which RCA often referred to as a beam power tube. 2 Contours - Lead/Clean Active Loop New Reverb for better loop function 50 Watt Tube Rectified Class A/AB for 50 Watt Tube Rectified Built for 6L6 only or 6L6/EL34 interchangeable with bias adjust The Scoop - Pull Mid Defeat 12" WGS 1265B A new 30 watt output transformer with a 4200 ohm primary and 4 & 8 ohm output taps and screen taps at 40% of the primary for added versatility. This is a blurb i found somewhere "Technically speaking, the old production, US made "fat bottle" 6CA7s are beam tetrodes in that they have only two grid windings. These tubes are robust, have long life and are great in both Hi Fi and Guitar amplifiers. With 6l6's you should be below max voltage (trainwreck express runs el 34's far lower than they can handle). The power tubes have external bias points and allows the user to swap out to almost any power tube available such as el34, 6L6, 5881, KT66, KT77, KT88, and so on. Put a plus-symbol in front of a term, and the search engine will only display entries that contain this term (e. For some reason the TAD EL34's when the die take out more than just the tube fault fuse. Search Search. 6-70V 1650F 1650H 6L6GC EL34 pentode el34 6146B el84 tube tube 807 6A3 TUBE EL34 tube 807 tetrode tube el34: 6l6 ultralinear interchangeable with the 7581 and the Fender Guitars: Official Enthusiast Forums If your search produces too many results, you can narrow your search by using the "AND" function. 6L6 The 6L6 is the power tube most associated with the term: “California Sound. If this wasn't done, or you are not sure, it is off to a tech you go. It has an international octal base (indicated by the '3' in the part number) and is found mainly in the final output stages of audio amplification circuits and was designed to be sui 6l6/5881/kt66 The 6L6 was first introduced in 1936 by RCA and has become the most popular American output tube. The NOS tube gave a more lush midrange, but the EH excelled in dynamics and high frequency extension. It has an international octal base (indicated by the '3' in the part number) and is found mainly in the final output stages of audio amplification circuits and was designed to be sui The EL34 is a pentode, while the 6L6, which delivers a similar range of power output, is a beam tetrode which RCA referred to as a beam power tube. I cannot stand the EH 6l6 The EL34 is commonly used in high end guitar amplifiers, it is characterized by a greater amount of distortion at lower power than other octal tubes such as a 6L6, KT88 or 655 0. An El34 can be swapped for a 6l6gc if the tube socket is wired to accept both, but the bias range is much different. Re: Your Favorite Big, thick, powerful EL34, if you please. It has an octal base (indicated by the '3' in the part number) and is found mainly in the final output stages of audio amplification circuits. 2amps and quite a but less on the 6l6. Totally hand wired, all components bolted directly to the chassis. txt) or read online. Division St. NOTE: In the past, MESA/Boogie advertised the "interchangeable power tubes" feature of the Mark III Simul-Class. 6L6 amps are generally associated with American made amps: Fender,ampeg, 6V6, 6L6, EL34 and EL84. 1 user review on Two-Rock Custom Reverb Signature V3 100W Head * Built for 6L6 only or 6L6/EL34 interchangeable with bias adjust * The Scoop - Pull Mid Defeat The E34L has a slightly higher grid voltage rating (-13. As an example, you see clean amps like Twins with 6L6 glass, contrasted with gainier amps like Marshalls using EL34s. Reviews. tube classifications. if I thought about it I could think of another dozen good numbers Guitar Amps. If I run the 6L6’s up to 30ma, the EL 34’s are 55ma. The E34L tube is a variation which can handle a higher grid bias and is generally interchangeable. KT77 all but disappeared when GEC stopped production in the 80's. Below is extracted part of a review of the Leben CS600 "For the tube-rollers, there are cathode resistor and plate switches which can be toggled in various combinations to allow for a wide array of driver tubes. -EL34’s and KT77’s are more or less interchangeable. It came with 4 6L6's and the early MarkIIB literature I have when the simulclass feature was introduced mentions nothing about using el34's in the outer sockets. 8550's have a TON of clean headroom, think distortion @9 instead of 6 or 7. 6L6 tubes tend to put out a much brighter tone with more top-end sparkle (e. Though there are other options, the stack remains a rock icon, and is still the most flex­ible form of guitar amp­li­fic­a­tion. 6l6 6v6 6550 el34 kt 66 kt88 6bq5 6aq5 7591 7891 7868 12by7 6dj8 6bm8 7199 12dw7 6eu7 7188 6sn7 6sl7 5ar4 5u4 5y3 just a list off the top of my head. It has a large bottle and big, warm sound. These 6L6's were just what I needed to get the tone I was looking for. That said, the EL34 has been growing on me a lot, and that one may end up being my ultimate favorite in a couple years. 4. 5 to-16. 6CN6. It has an international octal base and is found mainly in the final output stages of audio amplification circuits and was designed to be suitable as a series regulator by virtue of its high permissible voltage between heater and cathode and other parameters. The "Pull Mid Defeat" will allow you to scoop the mids, giving the amp a more "fender" style front end. The EL34 is a thermionic valve or vacuum tube of the power pentode type. What's the consciences on the most sought after /Rarest tubes out there that guitar players are looking for so I can set all those aside for guitar and radio amps and set aside all the crap that will be better to sell in bulk. 6CK5 5902. The EL34 is a power pentode type. With some modifications most EL34 amplifiers can be modified to use 6L6 tubes, and vice versa. The EL34, the CLASSIC British tone, loved by many. Directly Interchangeable Tubes - (Continued) 6L6. After I biased the EL34’s to 35ma, the 6L6’s were only 17ma. Take your aural imagination across the pond, conjure up that big, British crunch tone, and your mind’s ear is hearing the EL34. 6L6 Type Vacuum Tube Shootout November EL34 Family Tube Comparison January Output stage is 1x9 pin valve base suitable for an EL84/6BQ5 valve, switchable to 1x8 pin Octal valve base suitable for any of the following valves - 6V6, 6L6/588, EL34, KT66, KT77, or KT88/6550. It was first developed by Mullard in England as an answer to the 6l6 tube. Each Nevertheless there were the "big bulb" interchangeable The 6L6 has plenty of headroom and does not break up nearly as quickly as the EL84 or EL34 tubes. They were used in American market Marshalls for a while, because the failure rate on el34's were extremely high at the time. This is interchangeable with all original Western Electric 101D tubes and Full Music 101D tubes. Garry advised me that the MP-301 Mk 2 is designed primarily as a speaker amp, and asked me to test it with speakers, which I did, as you will read below. Although power pentodes and beam tetrodes have some differences in their principles of operation (the beam forming plates of the beam tetrode or fifth electrode (3rd grid) of the pentode, both serving to hinder the return of unabsorbed electrons NOS Vintage 1957 Western Electric 409A 6AS6 pentode amplifier tube, made in the USA. Where the EL34 is a true pentode, the 6L6 is a beam tetrode. The Midnight Special Head is the enhanced head version of the tried-and-true Midnight Special Combo introduced in 2000 and the best known Siegmund amplifier. But in an EL34, pin 1 is the suppressor grid and must be tied to the cathode - pin 8 - or other alternative. Not quite! You can substitute freely between the 6L6, 6L6G, 6L6GA, and 6L6GB. Mesa EL34 STR-450 is the original New old stock valve made in the East German RFT factory. EL34 is also a "true" pentode tube while 6L6 is a beam tetrode. The tubes are mostly interchangeable along with a few other tubes meant as direct drop in replacements for these tubes. I haven't had the opportunity to really open it up yet but initial test was a very touch sensitive and "alive" feeling and sounding amplifier. Many single ended amps like this will use any popular octal based power tube with standard pinout. The American version, the 6L6, was developed in 1936 while the European version, the KT66 was a later development intended to remove a technical glitch, a slight "kink" (therefore the Kinkless Type 66), in the response of the 6L6. Class A single-ended 4-10 Watts (15W optional) Interchangeable, self-biasing output stage 6V6,5881,6L6,KT66,EL34,EL37,7581,6550 NEW - 300B power with 82 rectifier tubes The EL34 is a pentode, while the 6L6, which delivers a similar range of power output, is a beam tetrode which RCA referred to as a beam power tube. New in box vintage tubes of all different brands and types. " interchangeable AFAIK. They aren't drop-in replacements for 6L6s. EL34. My Orange Rockerverb 50 mkii came with el34's. The 6L6 may be used in most 6V6 audio applications if the heater supply will handle the increased current. The eq is flat, and setting is set to 5 ( or 12 o´clock)the gain is set on 3/4 They're all interchangeable within limits. This is known by most of us as the Siemens EL34. The 5881WXT or 5881/6L6 WGC (same tube different base) is used as the OEM power tube for almost all amps calling for 6L6GCs by Fender, Mesa, Marshall. Arguably, it tied the esteemed NOS tube in performance, but costs less than half as much. The blue glass is purely for aesthetics. It takes more grid signal to drive a 6L6 than an EL34, so this helps "balance" the two tubes. Daniel Barnum has generously given me a Jolida 502 integrated amp, which, if I can repair (he said just one burnt out resistor needs to be replaced), I'll be needing to buy a full set of tubes for. All of the ad photos from early 80's showing simulclass switch on MKIIB's have 4 6L6's running in them. If the amp was made to use either type, these two pins will have a jumper across them at the base of the socket, otherwise, they are interchangeable. The 12AX7 has the highest gain at 100, the 12AT7 is lightly lower and the 12AU7 is the lowest gain of the group. SK-RET3. all descend from) as I have no experience with any of them. There is a simple mod if you want to swap between 6l6's and El34's with only a bias adjustment. Hey guys, I was wondering if it would be possible to use jj KT77s in my archon 25w combo amp. new Nobsound dual bias electric current Probe tester meter Yahoo Auctions ¥6,999 Sep 4, 2018 Yahoo Auctions high quality!6V6×2 tube amplifier chorale company! new goods Yahoo Auctions ¥25,800 Mar 10, 2018 The cool thing about the Barcelona is that it uses a pair of 6CA7 output valves, Americanised and generally interchangeable versions of the EL34, said to sound roughly halfway between an EL34 and a 6L6 - the valve Eddie Van Halen is supposed to have used on his 'Plexi' heads. Build of a vacuum tube amplifier that is directly interchangeable between a 6B4G and 5881/6L6/KT66. The 6L6G is very large and bulbous where as the 6L6GA is a bit smaller but that is the only difference between the two so they are directly interchangeable. just researching a bit about john norum (out of europe) and i see he uses jcm800's, but switches the power tunes for kt88's i saw some stuff on the NOTE: In the past, MESA/Boogie advertised the "interchangeable power tubes" feature of the Mark III Simul-Class. I think that it is a very good amplifier for the simple circuit as long as EL 156 - China and EL 34 are used. NONE of these tubes are interchangable without siginificant modifications . Is anyone interested in discussing amps Made in USA by Bendix Very very high quality audio tube, super construction. The heater current is nearly double in the el34 vs the 6l6. Herbie's extra-duty Guitar Amp UltraSonic Damping Instruments feature titanium C-rings and extra-soft, jumbo-size isolation pads for extra vibration control. -6550’s and KT88’s are more or less interchangeable. 6 amps and some 6L6 amps can't handle this. EL34 and 6CA7 came to be treated the same because they were interchangeable. 00 Buy Now EL34/ 6CA7-ELECTRO HARMONIX Electro Harmonix This big bottle 6CA7/EL34 by Electro Harmonix is a remake of the classic American Sylvania 6CA7 design. 1 year ago. In amps that are made to use both 6L6's and EL34's the JJ 6550's are almost universally usable. The internal parts of the Sylvania 7027, the 6L6-GC, and the 6L6-WGB are exactly the same, except the 7027A and the 6L6-WGB have a grid cooling fin on the top. Full tube amp head for electric guitar Switchable RMS power: 50/15/9/2 W, 2 Channels, 4x 12AX7 Preamp tubes, 2x 6L6 Power tubes (interchangeable with EL34), Controls for Gain I, Gain II, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master I, I think overall EL34 is a better sub for EL37 than 6L6 is, I believe the idea of 6L6 as a sub dates back to the early '50's, when both EL34 or EL37 would have been EL34 KT88 6L6 6V6 6550 Bias Probes Tester Tool Vacuum Tube Amp Suzier T11 This product is suitable for EL34,KT88,6L6,6V6,5881,6550,KT66,KT100,KT120,7027. IMO the amp had excess midrange and not enough low end or top end. The fol­lowing pages give an over­view of the various types of guitar amp avail­able. 5 vs -10 to -13. 6l6gc datasheet (2) Part 5881, EL34 , 6AQ5, 6L6, 6V6 6L6GC , 6V6, 807, 5881, The 7581-A is unilaterally interchangeable with the 7581 and the 6L6-GC . The KT66 is an up-rated version of a 6L6 and the KT88 is interchangeable with a 6550. 95. Svets sound sweet as, would like to try those or mullard in el34's, maybe kt77's if the next batch reports good, but next time I'll get three more tung sols and a set of tad6l6. EL34 / 6L6 SWITCH (Mounted on top of chassis behind rear grille) - EL34: Sets bias for operation with EL34 power tubes. e. In a single ended amp designed conservatively for the 6V6 a 6L6 probably will work fine. EL34 KT88 6L6 6V6 6550 tube amplifier therefore . The Golden Dragon 350B has classic vintage lines and was originally manufactured by Western Electric. It is a long page, use your scroll button and scroll down the page to see it all. 6L6 the differencers are equally obvious. EL34 can be interchanged with 6L6GC, perhaps 6L6G depending on application. 5 volts) than the traditional EL34 vacuum tube. I cannot recommend any new 6L6-family tubes (which is what the EL34, 6550, KT88, etc. The 6L6GC is the latest version of the 6L6 tube. My understanding (very limited) is that they are different valves that are interchangeable. I believe the KT77s draw more wattage than the 6l6s, so I was wondering if the tubes were interchangeable. Many tubes that are intended for special applications, industrial, or military use do not use the RETMA standard. 6l6/5881/kt66 The 6L6 was first introduced in 1936 by RCA and has become the most popular American output tube. ALLIED'S ELECTRONICS DATA HANDBOOK. The major difference, tonally is that the 6L6 has less distortion than a pentode, which translates to a much cleaner sound. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. g the “Fender Chime”), while still allowing plenty of low-end to come through. 6CA7 is a beam power pentode with octal base. For fixed bias amps, the possibilities are potentially more numerous. The new JJ 6CA7 is a more classic version of the EL34 tube. It has a 9 pin Noval base and is used mainly in the power output stages of audio amplification circuits, most commonly now in guitar amplifiers, but originally in radios and many other devices of the pre-transistor era. Always keep a spare box of fuses, and be glad that the fuse blew instead of losing an output transformer when the output tube shorted. It is nearly impossible to find data on the tubes' output in class AB operation (which is what we are concerned with for guitar amps). pdf), Text File (. The 6CA7 is technically a different tube and has a bit more of an American tone as well as being much fatter. Made a comparison video between EL34 and 6L6 tubes after I had installed bias pots in the amps. Michael Marx 105 N. I know its unfair, to want to the midrange of the EL34 via the 6L6 - but i am unconsciously going for it - :) Regarding the Brimar, i paid close to 180. I build Champs that can swap from 6V6 to 6L6 to EL34 that are loosely based on the tweed era Champs. nginx If your search produces too many results, you can narrow your search by using the "AND" function. Although power pentodes and beam tetrodes have some differences in their principles of operation (the beam forming plates of the beam tetrode or fifth electrode (3rd grid) of the pentode, both Well, imo it is the classic Fender sound. Sovtek 5881 WXT/6L6 WGC Wattage & 6L6GC / 6L6GB Comparison Remember the Sovtek 5881 WXT and 5881/6L6 WGC tubes are Russian 6Π3C-E tubes and do not fit neatly into the U. The E34L can be set up to offer a cleaner sound with a little more bottom end than an EL34. EL34 tubes were quite popular in stereo amps years ago and you can hear them today by listening to those such as the Marshall Origin20C, the EVH 5150IIIS, and Mesa/Boogie Lone Star Special. Many Fenderish amps utilize 6L6 tubes also like Zinky, Rivera, some Generally, no; 6L6's and EL34's are not equivalent tubes. The GT6CA7GE is somewhere between a Mullard EL34 and a GE 6L6 with more ‘chest' and certainly more power than any EL34 tube. 7x 12AX7 • Power Amp Valves: 4x EL34 • Effects: (optionally interchangeable with 6L6), EL84 (6BQ5) SIPP Output Stage. kt88/8550's are more akin to el34's the 6L6's. The EL84 is a thermionic valve of the power pentode type. Beam tetrodes have sharper knees in their characteristic curves than pentode tubes, which means they will have slightly higher headroom of amplification at low levels of distortion where things just start to overdrive and distort - but when the beam tetrode finally clipping No, they're definitely not interchangeable. American tubes had a higher vacuum and were of heavier construction. The 6L6 has a slightly better frequency response than an EL34 so will give a perceived higher clean headroom. It is a fore-runner to 6L6. just researching a bit about john norum (out of europe) and i see he uses jcm800's, but switches the power tunes for kt88's i saw some stuff on the They also sell other 6L6's, make SURE you get the GT-6L6-S if you buy groove tubes. Vacuum Tubes for Amps 12AX7 vs 7025 This directory contains USENET articles Mic has saved about guitars, equipment, pickup, techniques, players, and so on. "The KT88 fits a standard eight-pin octal socket and has similar pinout and applications as the 6L6 and EL34. el34 6l6 interchangeable